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Contour Stool


Constantly Moving

The industrial design program at the University of Cincinnati requires that you go out on an  internship every other semester (including summers) every year until you graduate. That sums up to 4 years of education and 2 years of work experience by the time you graduate from the program. This also means that you are probably living in a different place every 5 months, in order to expand your experiences to new internships.  When constantly moving, it is important to have a couple pieces of furniture that are adaptive to new environments and can be shipped, stowed, or flattened easily. 

Photo: Dustin Chan

Photo: Dustin Chan


Building the Stool

It took about 3 weeks to make the stool. The entire stool is made of soft maple and relies on traditional joinery rather than hardware for its joints. The most difficult part of the build was chiseling the square bridal joint straight so the legs are perpendicular to the ground, and the seat sat at a proper 7° angle, evenly, on both legs. During the process, I learned how to use a parallel planer, a biscuit joiner, and how to properly use a hand plane and chisel.


Final Contour Stool